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Match with creators that have a track record for top-performing content.

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Scale your media budget with direct response creative.

Scale your media budget with direct response creative.

Proven performance

inBeat allows you to connect with creators that have a track record for creating top-performing content.

Continuous research

Our conversion team is always searching for new ways to increase conversions.

Creator training

Our creators go through a conversion Bootcamp to increase their understanding of the art of conversion.

Unlimited copyrights

Leverage our content in any way you please on any platform you wish.

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Fairly asked questions

How do you select your creators?

We vet the top 3% of creators for every niche to make sure your brand will collaborate with influencers that fit your industry and create top-notch content. Our discovery process is based on the different criteria you define as a good fit (location, gender, lifestyle, niche, etc).

What kind of content can I create?

Our UGC Creator Studio helps you create sny kind of content promoting your product or service (unboxing, testimonials, mobile app showcase, product demo, lifestyle shots…). While most of our creators work on Instagram or TikTok, any piece of content created is easily repurposable on your website or any other social media platform (Facebook, Snapchat, Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest…).

Where is your old database platform?

You can still log in to our influencer database platform with your username and password.

What are the benefits of using a UGC Platform?

A UGC Platform helps you collaborate with influencers to create UGC at scale, without having to put in any effort. The platform handles it all for you. You end up with high quality content from influencers that know your audience and your niche, hassle-free.

How much control on the creative direction do I have when using inBeat?

This is entirely up to you. You can decide if you want your creative brief to be very specific or if you want to let the professional creators have more freedom when endorsing your product or service.

Will I have copyright on all the content created for my brand through inBeat?

Every piece of content created through our user-generated content platform belongs to your company and you a free to use it for you business as many times as you desire to.