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Drive down your CPAs by working with creators that have a track record for performance.

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Pair with proven UGC talents for stellar content

Navigate through our marketplace of niche creators tailored to your advertising needs, all eager and set to amplify your brand’s vision.

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With Showcase, reviewing and refining content is a breeze. Directly interact, provide feedback, and track revisions, all seamlessly integrated within our platform.

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Leverage every piece of content for your paid campaigns, social channels, or any way you envision. With the Showcase license, you’re covered across the board.

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Unlock UGC ad creative potential with Showcase

Unlock UGC ad creative potential with Showcase

Guaranteed quality

Through our UGC marketplace, align with creators handpicked for their exceptional content delivery.

Continuous growth

Our experts are always innovating the marketplace, pushing for superior advertising strategies.

Deep-dive creator training

We ensure every listed creator is adept at crafting UGC content that converts.

Absolute creative freedom

Deploy our fresh UGC content across any channel, with zero constraints.

Join Showcase’s UGC marketplace where quality meets scale

Dive into Showcase and connect with top-tier creators to craft authentic ad creatives as well as genuine UGC.

Fairly asked questions

How do you curate your UGC marketplace?

We handpick the cream of the crop — the top 2% of each niche — ensuring that the creators you partner with are in tune with your industry’s nuances. Our selection is based on various criteria tailored to your specifications such as location, gender, lifestyle, and niche.

What types of content can I produce through Showcase?

Showcase’s UGC marketplace empowers you to craft diverse promotional content, from unboxings and testimonials to app showcases and lifestyle captures. And while many creators focus on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, the content is versatile enough for use across your website and all major social channels including Facebook, Snapchat, and more.

Why should I opt for a UGC marketplace?

Leveraging a UGC marketplace like Showcase streamlines the process of tapping into creators, enabling large-scale content creation without the usual stresses. Experience quality, resonant content crafted by creators who truly understand and resonate with your target audience.

How much influence do I have over the content's creative direction?

Whether you want a precise creative outline followed to the letter or prefer granting creators a broader canvas to work on, Showcase accommodates your preferences.

Do I retain full rights to the UGC content generated for my brand?

Absolutely! All content produced via Showcase is yours to own and utilize across any facet of your business, anytime you wish. Your brand retains full rights, giving you full freedom.