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Instagram Money Calculator

Evaluate the potential cost for different types of influencer collaborations based on profile performance analytics.

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Influencer Types

Small Creator : < 1k followers

Nano Influencer : 1k - 10k followers

Micro Influencer : 10k - 50k followers

Mid-tier Influencer : 50k - 300k followers

Macro Influencer : 300k - 1M followers

Mega Influencer : 1M + followers

Estimated Total (USD)

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Calculation Based on

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Reach Progression

Latest Performance

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FAQ Regarding Our Instagram Money Calculator

Is Engagement Rate a reliable metric for pricing an Instagram influencer?

Engagement rate is a very reliable metric when evaluating influencers. Follower count can be impacted by fake followers, whereas engagement rate is less impacted by bots.

Does follower count impact the cost of influencer collaborations?

Yes, it does, the more followers, the more expensive collaborations usually get. But don’t let you fool by this metric only, engagement rate, audience matching and content quality should be more important when selecting influencers to work with.

How do you calculate potential earnings per post when doing influencer marketing?

We run our formula based on followers, engagement rate, average likes and type of content to generate an estimate of potential earnings. Using a pricing calculator like this one can help you plan your marketing budget.

Why is your Instagram money calculator free?

We want people to be able to get comfortable with influencer marketing and our different tools. We created many tools so that international brands can deal with influencers. This money calculator tool can be a big help for any brand.

How do you flag fake followers on Instagram?

Fake followers can be noticed, most of the time they either have no posts and/or a huge difference between followers and account followed. Those red flags separate them from regular active users.