Security Bounty Program

At inBeat, we take the security of our user’s data very seriously. Our software is built with that goal in mind.

To take advantage of our program, please follow these general guidelines:

  • Be a good citizen: Do not disturb the service. Follow our T&C. Avoid automated testing.
  • Only test with your data. Do not interact with someone else account.
  • If you gain access to our system, please report it immediately.
  • Do not publish any information regarding the vulnerability until we fixed it.
  • We only award one bounty per vulnerability. If we receive multiple reports, the first one will receive the reward.

If you find any security exploit, please submit a report using our dedicated form. We answer all submissions within a few days. Once the patch is online, we’ll pay your bounty using PayPal.

Please keep in mind this bounty program doesn’t concern regular bugs in our application, but only security flaws allowing intruders to gain access to data of other users. If you wish to report a regular bug, please contact [email protected].